Scuba Diving Is Way Better Than Swimming In A Pool

Have you ever tried scuba diving? It’s a life-changing experience. Sure you’ve probably heard divers talk, and they may give off an air of being too cool for school. Their attitude may put you off trying it yourself, but don’t let that prevent you from having the best underwater experience of your life. Entering the world of diving is like entering a whole other planet.

Don’t get me wrong. Before I tried diving, I was a happy little snorkeler and swimming pool attender. I was very hesitant to try diving because I’m a worrywart and thought of all the horrible things that can happen deep under seawater that won’t happen in a swimming pool. Sharks, jellyfish, strong currents, fire worms, not having enough oxygen – these were some of my worries. My husband and I went to Thailand for a couple of weeks on vacation. The island we were on had several diving schools, and curious we went into one of the booths (sorry I forgot what it’s name was). We got some good information and some brochures which reassured us that it was a pretty safe sport if you follow all the rules and don’t take risks with equipment.

We went with the discover dive which included two dives and was the cheapest price. We were travelling on a budget. We didn’t have the money or the time to do the whole getting your certification thing. I actually don’t regret not getting certified. The discover dive was fine for us. It was the first and only time we ever did dive.

You do get basic training on how to reduce pressure in your ears, how to communicate underwater, how to breathe properly with the equipment, how to adjust your buoyancy, and what to do if you’re uncomfortable and have an emergency underwater. We did all of our basic training in the ocean and in the office because the weather was nice enough we didn’t have to train in the swimming pool. The instructor (an Irish middle-aged man) was a great instructor and didn’t mind if we held on to him to keep up with the underwater pace of the dive.

I was pretty nervous on the way to the dive sites but there were several people diving but everyone seemed calm and relaxed. After suiting up with the instructor, we jumped into the water. As he took us on a tour of the amazing reefs, we felt like we were walking in outer space. We felt like we were flying. We saw so many cool things up close. The animals like turtles were so used to divers that they never even scurried off. We were at a safe distance for them though. You could hear the turtles eating. It was pretty cool. There were rows upon rows of reef walls. Unfortunately, you could see evidence in some areas of reef bleaching (dead reefs) that happened a few years ago. Despite that, we saw beautiful sea life that you’ll have to see yourself so I’ll refrain from describing them. I don’t even know half the names of the marine animals anyway.

If you’re still not convinced about diving in the ocean, no worries. Everyone has their personal preferences. If you just like to swim in swimming pools with a natural feel but are really safe, try swimming in an eco pool. Visit an Eco Pools website to see what it’s all about. Do give diving a try if you can, at least once like I did.

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