Looking After Your Scuba Gear Properly

Scuba gear consists of a wetsuit, googles, snorkel or oxygen tank with regulator, gloves, fins, boots, gauge, and buoyancy control device. Buying scuba gear, whether second-hand or brand new is very exciting. Using them for the first time is also very exciting. After your dive you may be very tired, but it’s important to clean and inspect your scuba gear right away after use, so that they will stay well-maintained and primed for use. If you look after your gear properly, your scuba gear will last a long time. Not only that, you will reduce the danger of your scuba gear breaking when using it under water. Here are some things you can do to keep your stuff squeaky clean and in good shape.

After diving, it’s important to shed your gear and rinse your gear with clean fresh water (not salt water). If you are a germophobe, you can gently wash the mouthpiece with a little bit of soap and water and rinse it with fresh water. Hang your gear to dry in a well-ventilated area. If you’re putting your gear in cabinets or drawers, make sure they are thoroughly dried out. If it’s moist there is risk of mould growth on your equipment. Do not store or keep your equipment where it will be exposed to the environment like harsh sunlight. The power of the sun can gradually weaken your gear and make the materials your gear is made of disintegrate. Your buoyancy control device needs to have its exterior rinsed with fresh water then its interior rinsed with fresh water. After rinsing it thoroughly, inflate it a little bit so that it will dry properly inside. Move on to the oxygen tank. Rinse it with fresh water so that no salt or sand from oceans and seas will crust on it. Have it standing or stacked on its side when putting it away after its dried on the outside. Don’t have it too full of oxygen or have it too empty. Now carefully rinse your regulator, making sure no water gets into it. Let it dry then hang it up to store it. Wash your suit, boots, and gloves with water and rinse with fresh water. Hang them also to dry. If they still smell of sweat or bacteria, wash them again. Look at the clothing wash directions to see how best wash your suit. Your googles and fins should be rinsed with fresh water and air dried as well. To make sure no rain gets onto your drying equipment, have a roof that is in good condition. Have Certified Roofing fix any leaky areas of your roof or have them install a new roof for you.

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