Crucial Buying Paddle Board Tips

Paddle boarding is among the fastest growing water sport in the world, and for good reasons. Stand up paddle boarding is an engaging sport that provides a great work for partakers. Importantly, it is easy to learn and eventually master as you do not need any intricate lessons to get to grips with this water sport.

However, when it comes to choosing your paddle board, whether you are a novice or an experienced paddle boarder, you should give utmost care into the kind of paddle board you purchase. Of great concern when it comes to purchasing paddles boards is acquiring a paddle board that is befitting to your lifestyle and paddle boarding needs. Herein are going to explore the have buying paddle board tips.

Crucial Buying Paddle Board Tips

#1. Understand The Variety Of Paddle Boards – The amount of variety in as far as paddles board go is enormous. Some of the most notable paddle boards on the market include:

–           The all-around paddle boards,
–           The surf-style paddle boards,
–           The racing paddle board,
–           The fishing paddle board,
–           The cruising paddle board, and
–           The yoga paddle board.

As you can appreciate, each paddle board is designed and engineered to meet a specific need. As such, while choosing your paddle board, it makes sense to match your board with your specific needs, regardless of whether you are a novice in paddle boarding or you are experienced in the matter.

#2. Understand The Difference Between Inflatable And Epoxy Paddle Boards – For the most part, all the above-mentioned paddle boards can be made of two distinct structures; the inflatable variety and the epoxy variety. The inflatable variety is designed to inflate so as to attain a rigid structure. Thus, the inflatable variety can transform between an inflated and deflated state.

The inflatable variety is a good choice for novice paddle boarders as it offers a smooth ride. They are also durable due to the relatively flexible surface that they have. When the board collides with an object, it deforms without destroying the board.

On the other hand, the epoxy variety is made of a rigid epoxy structure. This variety always remains rigid. Epoxy boards are best used for racing and serious paddle boarding. They offer increased maneuverability, glide, and speed.

#3. What Paddle Board Size Do You Need – The size of paddle board that suits you depends on your weight as well as experience level. Paddle boards that a larger, longer, and thicker tend to have a bigger displacement, making them more stable than the smaller, thinner, and shorter variety. Thus, if you are a novice or you weigh quite a lot, you need to choose a board size that offers appropriate support.

#4. Storage Requirements – Matter of storage during transportation and at home are of critical importance. If you have a vehicle that can transport large boards, and if you have ample storage space for large paddle boards, the rigid epoxy variety is a good choice. However, if space in your transport vehicle and storage area is at a premium, the inflatable variety is a good choice.

Other things to consider include pricing of the board and the quality of build. These tips will not be much important for you if you check out Stand Up Paddle Boards company. We offer only high quality and trendy peddle boards.

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